Celebrating LOVE with Maison Mishmashi

An MM Vision Brought to Life:

Our exclusive collaboration has given rise to a series of bespoke fine art posters, offering a distinct portrayal of old and new, history and modernity—the very essence of 'What You Love Is Beautiful.' This striking collection masterfully fuses strength and style, as original intricate sketches harmonize with an eclectic backdrop, each piece narrating a captivating chapter in a beautiful story.

With the artistic synergy of Baha Kikhia's hand-drawn sketches and Sarah Hatahet's digital artistry, this collaboration culminates in a bespoke collection of limited-edition artwork. Each creation effortlessly weaves together the past and present, crafting an eloquent representation of beauty.

These pieces are born from the original artwork, ensuring their exclusivity and authenticity.


  • Printed on 230 gsm vibrance photo matte paper  
  • Each Limited Edition poster is numbered and stamped 
  • Comes in a Protective Tube 

Dimensions: Comes in three different sizes:
Large: 110cm x 151cm
Medium: 65cm x 90cm
Small: 50cm x 70cm


*To order this artwork framed (Within UAE), please contact us here and we will send you a quotation. Comes in 3cm black matte wooden frame and glazed with acrylic glass.