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The Queen Pouf Chair

We are in the art of mixing – The Queen Pouf Chair embodies elements and fabrics from all around the world.

From NYC’s bustling Fashion Avenue to the winding back streets of Ankara, always returning home to where it all happens!

We have a number of unique pieces always available for purchase at our studio. If you see one here that makes your heart skip a beat, let us know. Customized pieces are also available upon request and subject to fabric availability.


Industrial modern takes on bold romanticism when paired with any of our choice fabrics and techniques. Our Mishmashi tufted or specially designed ottomans always provide maximum comfort with stylish appeal that adds unique flare to any room.


Our Cushion Collection is designed using our personal selection of fabrics. The Flip Collection which instantly gives any seating plan a new look by flipping it from one side to another- our signature touch redefined.


The “Mishmashi” take on this trendy style. Our chair is a meticulously crafted solid piece of furniture that looks both amazing as a stand-alone piece and creates a bold statement when grouped together. These chairs have an upright perfect feel and are ultra comfortable. Using our fabulous fabrics, the combinations are unique, eclectic and literally endless.

The Bling Collection

Our mirrors scream #industrialChic! Each piece is crafted using natural refurbished wood with detailed hand carved inlays containing glass crystal clusters topped with a customized acrylic overlay flushed against the frame. Created in either a natural wood or stain finish, for a more polished look, The Bling Collection mirrors may be customized various sizes.

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