Maison Mishmashi is a design house renowned for crafting authentic handworked luxury.

Our creations beautifully embody the multi-cultural juxtaposition of East and West, presenting a harmonious fusion of influences.

Each piece is thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted, showcasing a curated selection of statement fabrics sourced from our cross-cultural travels.

With a careful balance of couture, culture, and home decor, our creations reflect a bespoke labor of love, honoring our meticulous process and unwavering commitment to refinement and craftsmanship.


The Queen Chair

The Timeless Queen

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The Iconic Queen

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The Seasonal Queen

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The Cushion

The Elly Cushion

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The Koko Cushion

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The Iconic Cushion

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Conscious Design

An integral part of our design ethos has always been about designing with intention and focus.

We are strong advocates of the Slow Design Movement by default, paying our own homage to sustainable design.

Our goal has always been to instill an appreciation for each step of our process for each handworked piece we create.

When it comes to our Iconic and Patchwork Collections, we use our curated remnants and give them new purpose by reimagining and carefully designing something completely unique, a one-off statement piece in true Mishmashi style.

Art Poster Series

We believe that every artwork holds unique ideas, magical visions, and great stories. To bring this vision to life, we collaborated with two brilliant women who specialize in different styles and mediums, focusing on the human figure and the essence of life.

Baha Kikhia's work revolves around the concept of the powerful and inspiring woman. Her paintings and drawings beautifully depict old cities, landscapes, and Bedouin gatherings, always showcasing the commanding presence of femininity. Baha's strong and independent personality shines through her art.

On the other hand, Sarah Hatahet explores her own memories and past experiences. Through her art, she captures the essence of people, transforming them into gender-neutral characters who carry the weight of the memories she shares with them.

If you're seeking to add elegance and innovation to your workplace, home, or collection, our limited-edition prints are the perfect choice.

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We call it Mishmashism

“The practice and philosophy of celebrating what you love is beautiful

Bespoke Design

Your individuality is composed of countless elements that make you truly unique. At Maison Mishmashi, we are here to assist you in expressing yourself through our bespoke aesthetic. Whether you find inspiration in an existing piece from our current collection and just want to change a top, or if you envision a completely new creation, we are dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Our team is ready to collaborate with you and craft a personalized statement that reflects your style and essence.

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At Maison Mishmashi we take pride in seamlessly merging the diverse influences of the East and West into handworked luxury.

Each piece is a testament of our unwavering dedication to our cross-cultural journey of design. From intricate stitching to curated statement fabrics sourced globally, our creations reflect meticulous craftsmanship with a harmonious blend of couture, culture, and home décor. Maison Mishmashi stands as a beacon of bespoke artistry and our driving philosophy that 'What You Love Is Beautiful' propels us forward!

While we continue to fine-tune our website, rest assured, we're still in the studio, designing and creating :)

If you have inquiries or requests, please reach out to us on:

The Magic Continues!

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