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The House of Handworked Luxury

Maison Mishmashi celebrates the artistry of craftsmanship and design. Our journey began in NYC's Fashion District, with a global search for specialty fabrics. With meticulous attention to detail, our skilled craftsmen bring our designs to life at our atelier, infusing every stitch with expertise and artistic vision. We play with patterns, colors, and textures, creating harmonious compositions where "Fashion Meets Interiors."

Our creations reflect a seamless blend of couture, culture, and home decor. They embody elegance, sophistication, and the beauty of embracing diverse experiences. Maison Mishmashi is more than a brand—it's a collective vision. We share our passion for artistry, luxury, and distinctive experiences with those who appreciate our unique creations.


When Interior Meets Fashion & Art

Our creations beautifully embody the multi-cultural juxtaposition of East and West, presenting a harmonious fusion of influences. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted, showcasing a curated selection of statement fabrics sourced from our cross-cultural travels.

With a careful balance of couture, culture, and home decor, our creations reflect a bespoke labor of love, honoring our meticulous process and unwavering commitment to refinement and craftsmanship.

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Our Design Philosophy

An integral part of our design ethos has always been about designing with intention and focus. We are strong advocates of the Slow Design Movement by default, paying our own homage to sustainable design. Our goal has always been to instill an appreciation for each step of our process for each handworked piece we create.

When it comes to our Iconic and Patchwork Collections, we use our curated remnants and give them new purpose by reimagining and carefully designing something completely unique, a one-off statement piece in true Mishmashi style.


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