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Elevate your space with luxury and sophistication through the Timeless Queen Chair. For those moments when understated elegance is the preference! It boasts a seamless integration of the same fabric throughout, showcasing a deeply luxurious geometric velvet meticulously crafted with fine cuts. This piece radiates elegance and refinement, embodying our commitment to craftsmanship. It exemplifies the meticulous attention to detail synonymous with Maison Mishmashi.

expertly handcrafted structure made from intricately joined wooden elements, ensuring a solid and durable frame and base
layers of premium foam and dacron for enhanced comfort
artisan-tailored fabric design and upholstery
spot clean

Product Details:
width: 54cm (breadth)
height: 47cm 
top seat diameter: 40cm
weight: 12kg +/-

The item you receive may differ slightly from the photograph. This is due to the artisanal nature with which all Maison Mishmashi products are designed but always handworked luxury at its best.

Made in UAE
Designed by Maison Mishmashi Studio

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