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The Urban Fusion The Urban Fusion The Urban Fusion
The Urban Fusion
The Urban Fusion
The Urban Fusion

The Urban Fusion

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This fragrance effortlessly melds the luxurious world of textiles with nature's inherent allure. Crafted as a symphony of scents, each note in this captivating fragrance has been meticulously chosen, promising an experience that unfolds in layers. Citrus and bergamot dance atop, intertwined with floral, green, and herbal midsection notes, conjuring a sense of tranquility and intrigue. Lavender and patchouli lend an air of sophistication, while a richly complex base emerges with smoky, earthy undertones and the comforting embrace of cedarwood and fir balsam. The lingering musk leaves an enduring imprint that is unique to the Mishmashi life.

highest-quality perfumers base in combination with fragrance oils

dimensions: 14cm height
capacity: 100ml
total weight: 172g

The item you receive may differ slightly from the photograph. This is due to the artisanal nature with which all Maison Mishmashi products are designed but always handworked luxury at its best.

Made in UAE
Designed by Maison Mishmashi Studio

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