Maya Toron Al Omary

As a third-culture girl raised in New York City, I was shaped by the artistic heritage of my parents, who are accomplished painters from Syria. Their influence ignited my passion for art and a fascination with blending diverse influences. Growing up as a diplomat's daughter opened doors for me to explore the world, expanding my perspective and deepening my appreciation for its beauty.

My journey led me to the captivating streets of Paris, where I immersed myself in diverse traditions and developed a passion for embracing variety and exploring various styles. However, it was in Dubai, my beloved home for over two decades, where I found the perfect canvas to express my creativity and merge diverse influences into a cosmopolitan aesthetic that reflects my authentic self.

Design, fashion, and home décor have always held a special place in my heart. Within the walls of my home, I curate spaces that embody my personal style and reflect my spirit. It serves as a living laboratory where I experiment, discover, and bring my vision to life, filling me with profound joy as ideas take shape.

In 2014, I transformed my passion into a profession, establishing Maison Mishmashi. Prior to this endeavor, I co-founded Dubai's pioneering all-women-run real estate agency in 2007, driven by my desire for a career that offers flexibility while nurturing my role as a mother. The creative process has been transformative, teaching me love, compassion, patience, and perseverance, solidifying my belief in the boundless possibilities that dedication brings.

Maison Mishmashi embodies my love for diversity, serving as a platform where I channel my passion and harmoniously blend various traditions and styles. Each creation represents my continuous self-discovery as I explore new horizons, embrace personal growth, and share my vision with the world.
Welcome to The Mishmashi Life, where artistry converges with cultural fusion, and endless possibilities unfold.

About Maison Mishmashi

Maison Mishmashi celebrates the artistry of craftsmanship and design. Our journey began in NYC's Fashion District, with a global search for specialty fabrics. With meticulous attention to detail, our skilled craftsmen bring our designs to life at our atelier, infusing every stitch with expertise and artistic vision. We play with patterns, colors, and textures, creating harmonious compositions where "Fashion Meets Interiors."

Our creations reflect a seamless blend of couture, culture, and home decor. They embody elegance, sophistication, and the beauty of embracing diverse experiences. Maison Mishmashi is more than a brand—it's a collective vision. We share our passion for artistry, luxury, and distinctive experiences with those who appreciate our unique creations.

“Maison Mishmashi is a reflection of who I am, where I come from, and my dreams for the future.”

- Maya Toron Al Omary